Balam Kheera Ras is used in all stomach problems related to stomach, it is very beneficial in kidney stone, relieves constipation and relieves stomach pain etc. in our veins, removes bad breath. It has many advantages

Balm Khera has been used for centuries in Unani (Greek) and Ayurvedic cuisine, Balam Kheera is known as Sausage in English and Balam Khera in Hindi.

For centuries, people have been preparing Balam Khera Churn, Balm Kheera Arak, Balam Kheera Juice, etc., But the first Balam Kheera Ras was prepared by Parbat Herbal at our company

Now many people are stealing our company’s design etc. and trying to make fakes, so let me tell you that Balam Kheera Ras is available on our website Yes, you can buy from there or you can buy the original of our company on Flipkart and Amazon.