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The Parbat Herbal brand It is a Unani & Ayurvedic food manufacturing company. This brand was founded in the year 2020 Mumbai Maharashtra by Sir Iqbal Halim Khan (Hakim) also known as Anjum Lucknowi. Apart from being a sage, Iqbal Khan (Anjum Lucknowi) is also an excellent poet In the year 2017, Allama Iqbal Award was also given for writing the book Shikwa Jawab Shikwa. Formulas recommended by Hakeem Sahib which give the best results in the market.

Some of the best and famous products of the company

  • Amjadi Dant Manja
  • Sukha Jhari Baby Oil
  • Qalandari Halwa
  • Balam Kheera Ras
  • Balam Kheera Churan
  • Parbat Majoon
  • Bukhar Syrup
  • Gudmar Plus Power

Apart from this, the company has other famous products, The main reason behind the creation of Parbat Herbal brand was to bring to the people the real herbal medicines made from the unani and Ayurveda, and to bring success to those people in their ailments. and this brand is serving the people continuously.