This oil has been prepared from natural precious herbs to make hair long and strong. It prevents premature hair fall and graying. Makes hair black and shiny. Keep adding coconut oil in it till it turns red. experiment

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Amjadi Dant Manjan (100g 2Pack)


This tooth powder cleans the teeth and is beneficial in pyuria, mind that makes teeth strong and good, use it in the morning and evening.

Balam Kheera Churan 100g (Pack of 2)

  • Reduces pain and ensures easy flow of urine
  • Prepared from natural herbs powder,
  • Stone Cracker Powder cleanses kidney and urinary bladder.
  • Reduces pain and ensures easy flow of urine.
  • Clears blockage of kidney and urethra.

Bukhar Syrup Relief For Fever and cough (200ml Pack Of 1)


Parbat Bukhar Syrup is a unani medicine that treats the chill with used in all types of fever, typhoid, viral infection, coryza & dry cough, heat in head and face, trembling headache & fever, malaria, common cold, seasonal fever, and is very beneficial for bone fever, use after pregnancy of women.

Qalandari Halwa Immunity Booster – 500g


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Sukha Jhari Baby Oil – 100ml (Pack Of 1)

  • Its use strengthens the bones of children
  • Its use is very beneficial in drought disease

Dard Jangi Tel 200ml


Parbat Dard Janti Tel is a massage oil that can help relieve joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, and knee pain. It can also help relax muscles and joints, and reduce stiffness caused by chronic pain.